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Reporting Deputy for AL and FL
Mistress Christine Silkewymman

Reporting Deputy for KY and TN

THL Ginevra Brembati

Reporting Deputy for GA
Baroness Cathlin

A&S Web-Deputy

THLady Brighid of Ferncliff

Gulf Wars A&S Deputy

Magistra Rosemounde of Mercia
Deputy of Brewing & Vintning
Lord William of Hawkmore

Deputy of Live Arts
Rotmistrz Mikolaj Pilypaitis

A&S 50-Year Challenge Deputy
Mistress Solveig Eiriksdottir

A&S Guilds Deputy
THLady Dianora di Cellini

Ex Miscellanea

web sites
Reports due Quarterly by the 15th of the
Month following the Quarter

handbooks and forms

Arts & Sciences Officers Handbook .pdf (530kb)
     Required reading for all A&S Officers in Meridies and
     recommended reading for seneschals.
  [Updated 6/2007]

Quarterly Report Form .pdf (18kb)

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