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Dean of Page School
Lady Muirgel inghean Ghriogair

Deputy Dean of the Teen Program
Baroness Genevieve la Barquarresse

Deputy of Resources
Baroness Genevieve la Barquarresse

Penfeathers Editor
Dedrie Turner
handbooks and forms

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Waiver forms for Minors (single or family) .pdf

    Medical Authorization for Minors Form .pdf

    Minor's Consent to Participate and
    Hold Harmless Agreement .pdf

    Quarterly Report Form .pdf

    Year End Report Form .rtf

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Ex Miscellanea
(*) Warning: Don't forget the Florida Notary Requirement. This is in effect if the child is from Florida no matter where the event is and it is in effect in Florida no matter where the child is from.

(**) ALL Medical authorization forms for minors must be notarized (not just from Florida!)
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