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Non-Member Surchage Deputy
Baroness Rhiannon ferch Fychen

Warrant Deputy

Mistress Alys Wallas

Royal Regalia Coordinator
Northern Reporting Deputy (TN & KY)
Father Gregory

Western Reporting Deputy (AL & FL)
THL Richard the Wevere

Eastern Reporting Deputy (GA )
Lady Heather

Ex Miscellanea

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handbook and forms

Local Event Report Form .xls

Kingdom Event Report Form .xls

Quarterly Doomesday Report Form .xls

Negative Report Form .xls
      This is the report form for new and incipient groups
and is due at Doomsday.

Kingdom Voucher Form .pdf (130kb) . xls

Transfer Form . pdf

Meridian Financial Policies .pdf  

Local Exchequer Handbook .pdf

Bank Account Authorization Procedures .doc

Request for Warrant .pdf  **NEW

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