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Bagatelle Pursuivant (Award Regalia)
Baroness Flannait inghean ni hEighnigh

Clerk of Precedence
Essyllt v{o,}lsk PrasI fostra

Candle Pursuivant (Classes and Consultation)

Cypher Pursuivant (Submissions)
Lady Fiora Valori

Lambent Herald (CoA Letters of Comment)
THL Stefan d'Gascon

Lantern Herald (Heraldic Studies)
Baron Charles O'Connor
Parchment Pursuivant (Kingdom Scrolls)
Honorable Lady Moreg Cochrane

Pennon Herald (Names and Armory)
Lord Antonio Alexandre Dias de Navarra

Lucis Herald (Reporting Deputy))
Baroness Flannait inghean ui h'Eighnigh

Torch Herald (Courts)
Master Alexander Ravenscroft

Trumpet Herald (Lists)
Mistress Ailleagan

Arbor Pursuivant (Web Deputy)
Seigneur Yves de Fortanier

Ex Miscellanea

web sites
Recommendations for awards can be filled out and submitted online on the Awards Recommendation Page
  • Text of the Oath of Fealty
  • Text of the Sword Oath for Crown List entrants
  • Information for Local Heralds
  • Lantern’s List of Links
  • Information on Beacon’s Staff

Award Recommendation Page

Kingdom Awards/Regalia
(w/instructions for creating award regalia)

Meridian Online Order of Precedence

Meridian Scribe's Resource Web Site

SCA Ordinary & Armorial Online

Society Heralds Homepage

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handbooks and forms
Award Report Form
(please click the "Court Report" button
found on the page you are taken to)

Financial Report Worksheet PDF

Herald's Doomsday Report PDF

Monthly Report Form DOC    PDF

For Submissions

Device Form PDF

Badge Form PDF

Fieldless Badge PDF

Branch Name Submission PDF

Name Submission PDF

NEW Branch Name Petition of Support PDF

NEW Branch Device Petition of Support PDF

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