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Authorization Marshal
Viscount Syr Raim y Hynnddyl

Meridian Grand Tournament Coordinator
Mistress Alys Wallas
Western Reporting Deputy
THLord Thomas Alfred

Eastern Reporting Deputy
THL Kynwric Gwent

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Reporting Guidelines
updated version 01/09

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For new authorizations , please include the authorization paperwork, proof of membership (or $25.00 if you're not a member), and a self-addressed stamped envelope. It's also always a good idea to keep a copy of the paperwork to fight with until you get your card back.

For renewals, please include a copy of your old card, proof of membership (or $25.00 if you're not a member), and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

(Please email the Authorization Marshal for where to send it all.)

handbooks and forms

Consent to Participate and Release Liability Form .pdf

Event Report Form .rtf

Fighter Authorization Form .pdf [updated 06/2006]

Injury Report Form .doc

Marshal's Handbook .doc [updated 2/2007]

Quarterly Report Form .rtf

Reporting Requirements Guidelines [updated 01/2009]]

new.gif  Group Knight Marshall's Reporting Spreadsheet

new.gif  Meridian Marshal's Warrant List 3.1.10

Rapier Combat
Kingdom Rapier Marshal - Lord Dragonet de Lyon
Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal - Mistress Ysabel de Saincte Croix
Rapier Reporting Deputy - Lord Nikolaus Hildebrand
Rapier Authorization - THLord Jehan-Azriel du Corbier

Siege Weapons
Siege Weapons Marshal - THL Sean O'Neill
Siege Rules . doc (54k)

Youth Combat
Youth Combat Marshal - Lady Symonne da la Fontaine
Youth Combat Rules .doc Updated 11/2005
Youth Combat Authorization Form .pdf
Youth Combat Event Report .doc
Youth Combat Waiver .doc
Youth Combat Sparring Marshal Application .pdf
Youth Combat Marshal Authorization Form .pdf

Combat Archery
Combat Archery Marshal - Lady Xanthia the Archer

Kingdom Equestrian Marshal - Earl Richard Rae Fen
Deputy to KEM - Lord Ingolf of Clontarf
Society Equestrian Handbook .pdf (48kb)
Meridian Cavalry Handbook (Coming Soon)
Meridian Cavalry Homepage
Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition (IKEqC)

Live Weapons (Target Archery and Thrown Weapons )
Live Weapons Marshal - THL Ronan MacMorton
Live Weapons Handbook .pdf (86kb)
This is the final draft of the Live Weapons Handbook for the Kingdom of Meridies. While final approval is pending, it should be treated as the official rules governing live weapons activities in the Kingdom. 2004 edition
Meridian Archery Rankings System .pdf
The Crown has approved the Meridies Archer Ranking system. Please consult these rules to learn how to properly submit Royal Rounds for ranking. Questions about the ranking system should be directed to the DEMLW .
Meridies Live Weapons - Archery Website
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