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Thank you for your interest in SCA media relations!

Established in 2004, this office was designed to help local groups maintain accurate and professional interaction with the broadcast and print media (radio, TV, newspapers, periodicals, etc). Please take a few minutes to read the Society Seneschal's Media Relations and External Publicity Policy along with the sample press releases on this page.

The main things to remember is, if your group is going to invite any media personnel to any event or demo, you need to let us know of your plans AHEAD of time and send us an "after action" report. The aforementioned Society Policy has more in depth and USEFUL information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

For an official list of words and topics to avoid, contact the KMR. Official pictures for media use are available from the KMR as well.

Commercial Film Crew and Photography Rules .pdf
Helpful Hints for Interacting with the Media .doc
Media Relations and External Publicity Policy .pdf

Press Releases

Press Releases are available from the Society Web Page at SCA.ORG. If you would like the Kingdom Media Rep (KMR) to look over LOCAL GROUP press releases, send a copy as a WORD attachment to the officer listed at the top of this page.

Meridian Publications
Popular Chivalry
  • Popular Chivalry ( PC ) is the Meridian Kingdom Newsletter, available in electronic format
  • Deadline is the first of the month before publication.
  • Penfeathers is the Newsletter of the Meridian Pages' School, published quarterly within the PC .
  • To submit articles, email Penfeathers' editor.
  • Seasons is a Newsletter for the Meridian Arts & Sciences community, published quarterly within the PC .
  • To submit articles, email Seasons ' editor, Lady Cynewise aet Sceaduwud

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