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Purpose Of The Royal University Of Meridies
The purpose of the Royal University of Meridies is to aid in the education of the populace of Meridies on all aspects of the Middle Ages through Local and Kingdom Collegiums and by distributing information via a Resource Center. The University is administered by the Chancellor of the University with the supervision of the Seneschal of Meridies and the Crown.


Chancellor of RUM - Dame Morgina d'Anjou


  • Regent - Lady Muirghein inghean Rioghain
  • Librarian - THL Catherine d'Evreux
  • Dean of Heraldic Studies - THL Cuhelyn Cam vap Morcant
  • Registrar - THL Elizabet MacKenzie de Ross
  • Dean of Middle/Far Eastern Studies - Countess Hanna bint Abdullah
  • Dean of Bardic Arts - THL Kevin Eriôl
  • Dean of Culinary Sciences - Mistress Christianna MacGrain
  • Dean of Equestrian College - Countess Ellawin of Eaglewood
  • Dean of College of Practical Arts - Fionnabhair of Vrishabha
  • Dean of Meridian Medieval Military College - THLord Edward of Yarborough

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