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Dean of Bardic Preforming Arts
Baroness Flannait inghean ui h’Eighnigh

Dean of College of Practical Arts
THL Diannora di Cellini

Dean of College of Scribal Arts
Lady Charmayne D'Aix la Chappelle

Dean of Culinary Sciences
Domina Gwenhwyvar merch Rhufain

Dean of Equestrian College
THL Toregene Naran called Nadalia

Dean of Heraldic Studies
Lord Oengus macGilaDubain

Dean of Meridian Medieval Military Arts College
THL Jehan-Azriel du Corbier

Dean of Middle/Far Eastern Studies
Duchess Deirdre inghean ui Thighnearnain

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If you would like R.U.M. classes at your next event, please contact your group Provost, Provost-At-Large or R.U.M. Regent for assistance.

handbooks and forms
Please visit the Royal University of Meridies Forms page
for Class Attendance Forms, Provost Forms, Teaching Guidelines, etc.

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