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Calendar Deputy
Mistress Jocosa d'Auxerre

Deputy for Incipient Groups
Lady Alessandra di Fiore

Meridian Landcrat (GW)
THL Bjorn the Hunter

Kingdom Law Clerk
Sir Iastreb Desilavich
Kingdom Level Events Deputy
Mistress Elizabeth Rae

Media Relations Deputy

Mistress Gabrielle

Reporting Deputy
Baroness Charmaine de Chanson

Waiver Deputy
THLord Ricart Berenguer Falcon

Ombudsman Program
previously known as Special Projects Deputy

North Alabama
Baroness Elizabeth Rae

Glynn Rhe, An Dun Theine, Des Forge, Iron Mountain, Okeborne Keep


South Alabama & Panhandle
Master Kevin Eriol

Osprey, Ironstone Springs, Arena, Phoenix Glade, Eagle, Thorngill, Terra Terminus


North Georgia
Master Cuhelyn Cam vap Morcant

South Downs, Sol Haven, Bryn Madoc, Beaufort, Owls Nest, Talmere

South Georgia
Duke Boru & Duchess Deirdre

Tir Briste, Stags Gate, Forth Castle, Marion Glen, Ravenwood, Drakenmere, Flint Marsh


Central TN & North KY
Dame Fianna ni Dhaibhidh

Redewolfden, Loch an Fhraioch, Gladenfeld, Crimson River, Rising Stone


East Tennessee
Mistress Rosemounde

Loch Cairn, Nant-Y-Derwyddon, Hochwald, Vulpine Reach, Esaraigh, Thor's Mountain

Ex Miscellanea
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Monthly reports must be postmarked by 10th of each month

handbooks and forms

new.gif  Kingdom Law PDF   [updated 1/2011]
items in the Table of Contents are now clickable as links

Corpus Juris Secundum .pdf

The purpose of this document is to serve as a guide to the populace
as to how Kingdom law is interpreted and enforced by Corporate Officers such as the Crown and Kingdom Great Officers as well as Society Officers.

Kingdom Law Publication Archive(.pdf)
June 2004 December 2009
May 2005 September 2010

kells eagle graphic

Adult Waiver .pdf
Adult Roster Style Waiver .pdf
Minor Waiver .pdf
Family Minor Waiver .pdf
Adult-In-Charge of A Minor Form .pdf
Notarized Medical Authorization For Minors .pdf

Sheet [20 place] .pdf
Sign In Sheet [200 place] .pdf
After Troll Sign In Sheet .pdf

Group Guide .pdf
Group Guide for new groups .pdf
Insurance Certificate Ordering Instructions .doc
Kingdom Event Bid Guidelines .xls

Meridian Seneschal's Handbook .pdf new.gif
Society Organizational Handbook .pdf
[updated 11/2005]
Society Seneschal's Handbook .pdf
[updated 10/2005]
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